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    The headquarters of Suzhou Guoxin Group is located in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, the golden area of Yangtze River Delta, with Yangtze River in the east, Shanghai in the south, Suzhou in the west, Changshu in the north, as a famous southern city with long history, flourishing culture, developed economy and beautiful landscape, enjoying the name of “golden Taicang of beautiful Jiangnan”, one of the most developed counties (cities) in Jiangsu Province, among the top ten of domestic top 100 countries, winning the comprehensive strength award of the first Yangtze River Delta development zone with the highest investment value, and also one of the first 6 counties that take the lead in realizing high-level well-off in Jiangsu Province.

    On the segment of financial investment, Dongyuan Investment Company continues the development strategy of creating mezzanine investment and financing ecosphere, realizes good development in listed company refinancing business, merger business, real estate fund business and Internet financial platform business, and makes outstanding contribution to the stable development of the group.

    The import and export of the group break through USD 500 million

    Transformation is successful, the parent company is formally renamed as “Suzhou Guoxin Group”

    Three professional subsidiary groups in international trade, industrial real estate, financial investment are established to implement group professional operation. The import and export of the group reach USD 786 million, creating the new record.

    Group changes operation idea, and formally enters real estate industry in the same year

    Transformation starts, the import and export in the same year break through USD 100 million

    Predecessor of the group: Taicang External Trade Company is established

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